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Getting started

  • No you do not need any special equipment. Any participant can dial in to the conference call using a normal land line or mobile phone. For the web sharing facility you and your participants obviously will need access to the internet.

  • You will find the sound quality to be reliable and good – without the statics you might be used to.  The quality of the call can further be enhanced by 'muting' participants that have background noise. The call host can do this in the web control panel.

  • We offer three levels of service: Ready to Go, Professional and Premium. Read more.

  • Our Ready to Go service is instantly available 24/7 without any contract. Just follow the steps on the home page. Professional customers need to go through a simple registration and the account will be available for use within 48 hours. Premium customers need to go through a registration process and will be required to sign a contract.

  • You can have an instant conference 24/7. Call hosts distribute their dial-in number and PIN for people to dial-in and join their conference.

PINs, passwords and access

Making the most of our services

Costs of using

  • We do not charge for the use of our conference call facility: is a free conference calling service.

    The cost to the host and participants will be the cost of their telephone call, typically 5 pence per minute (4.3 p/min excl VAT) from a UK landline. 

    Cost of calls for mobile phones may vary depending on the network provider.  Read more.

  • We provide a best in class package of free services as part of our Ready to Go and Professional packages.

    For the additional services offered to Premium customers we may charge a small monthly fee,  Read more.

  • makes money in the form of a small fee from our phone providers for each call made.

    For the additional services offered to Premium customers we may charge a fee.

Security and Privacy

  • Yes.

    To illustrate this there are different levels of security. In order to enter a conference call participants need to be given the dial in number and unique PIN code that were only issued to you as the host. You can see who is attending in your web control panel and delete people from the call.

    There is an option to lock up the conference call and to do a roll call of the participants.

  • No.

    We will never sell or share your email address or other personal information with anyone unless required for the provision of the service you subscribe to. Read more.

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