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Your Benefits Simply the best conference call experience… and a free service

Saving money and time

  • teleconferencing is much less expensive then travelling, saving both money and time.
  • travelling 2 hours by car for a weekly meeting can easily cost £5000 per year.

Saving the environment

  • a car travelling 500 miles per week creates around 3 cubic tons of CO2 per year.
  • one transatlantic return flight London - New York creates on average 2.8 metric tons of CO2 per trip.

Ease of use

  • no contract required
  • available 24/7 without booking
  • no limit on time or number of participants

Free service and lower costs

  • the easiest most complete free conferencing service.
  • no charge for the conference call facility
  • calls charged at national call rates only, typically 5 pence per minute per caller in the UK (4.3 p/min excl. VAT).
  • paid to your existing phone carrier


  • a dedicated telephone number and unique PIN
  • know who is on the call at all times
  • be able to lock the call
  • drop any unrecognized participant


  • identify and mute participants with significant background noise
  • record a call for playback, with FSA compliant mode
  • web control panel accessible from pc and mobile phones
  • working with Q&A mode
  • changing the features of your conference call
  • call details available at all times
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